Further Reminders for Arif.

  1. I can increase the intensity of my workout, without putting a strain on my body, like how I may have put a strain on my body due to a rigorous training which left me broken and beaten for the past 1 week and 2 days. While increasing the intensity of my workout routine, I need to be mindful of proper form, and be kind to my body. I must keep in mind the function of doing such training: to engage the muscles, and to train them, in order to increase strength. This said, I should bend my knees, lowering my whole body to be closer to the ground, instead of bending my back to pick up heavy weights. Unnecessary strain will be put on my body if I do not be mindful of proper form, in doing anything.
  2. Correct posture should be given attention, because my body needs a proper form, in doing anything. Correct posture should be given attention to ensure good mobility while increasing the strength of muscles which may not be previously engaged due to an incorrect form. Therefore, correct posture should not be done, for the superfluous ‘want’ of having a better-looking posture.
  3. I should speak less, and focus on listening instead. I should be mindful of the things I say, and instead of immediately ‘speaking my mind’, I should ruminate on it, phrase it correctly (in my head), and then proceed to saying it, should there still be an absolute necessity to do so. Focus more on listening, and do less of speaking.

Remembering Why I Write

I journal for me. When I write, I write to me. As oppose to writing on social media like Twitter or Instagram, when I write to me, I share to me; or with me.

When I write on social media, I share my thoughts in hope that it finds an audience. I hope that it will resonate with others who share the same perspectives or outlook as me.

In a way, it is a form of seeking validation. When others find resonance in my thoughts, whatever fear/belief/opinion I share is validated. It means that these people whom I know (and whom I know very scantily; as every friendship formed via social media has proven to be) have gone through the same experience or share the same interest to the things I say. My fear/belief/opinion would then be rendered just that: valid. This validation is external. It is an external validation since it comes from others.

You Can’t Learn New Lessons if There Are Other Lessons Which Are More Important You Need to Learn First

For some, it may be difficult for them to learn a lesson which others might regard as trivial. This is because we all come from different backgrounds and have different experiences which make us learn things at different rates than others. What may come easily for us may not come easily for others. Be kind to others, since everyone is fighting their own demons, and is trying to figure out different parts of their lives too, before moving on and learning other things which some may regard as ‘simple’.

A Balance of Life and Stoicism

I nearly went nuts the other day because I confronted someone who I thought had cut off ties with me. I think I was too obsessive with control.

The same with Stoicism. I was holding on to it very tightly. I was journalling, trying so hard to follow everything to a nub, and overexercising. All of which took a toll on my mental and physical health. I almost went mad.

Yesterday evening, I went for a walk. I haven’t done any cardio exercises of any kind for a very long time, therefore going for a walk felt refreshing. The fresh air, the cool breeze and the nice view really gave me this comfort I could never get from within the four walls of my bedroom. The four walls of my bedroom I keep myself confined in, in order to write obsessively.

I think what I need is balance. A balance between the two things. I shouldn’t have one thing more than the other. I just need a sufficient amount of everything. Not more. Not less.

I May Need To Stay Away from Social Media for A While…

I may need a hiatus. A short break from social media. I should refrain myself the very best I can from getting updates about anyone via social media. I should at least give this hiatus a try; start doing things for me, start focusing on me, and only use the internet when I need to get information that I could use to better myself.

In Order to Take Better Care of Myself, I Need to Start Taking Better Care of My Sleep

I should sleep earlier during the night so I can get sufficient amount of sleep to function during the day. Also, a sufficient amount of sleep can ensure that my muscles are rested had I been working out previously. The resting period will give it ample amount of time to recover. A good night’s sleep may range from 7 to 8 hours per night. However, if I only manage to get around 6 hours, it may suffice. That said, I should try my best to achieve the optimum amount of hours for my sleeping-time.