I Was Too Hard on Myself

Consistency, like everything else, can be overrated, especially when overdone. I was so hard on myself in trying to improve myself by changing my habits and ways that I forgot to take a look at the bigger picture. Once I did that, I noticed that I can be much happier. I’m glad I could say I’m happier now. Nothing feels greater than the feeling of relief one feels when one lets go after having tried to be consistent for a very long time. I need to give myself more breaks.

Reminder in Love: Finding Something Outside of Yourself that You Truly Care About, and It Doesn’t Have to Be Money (or Otherworldly Things)

When in love, we have a tendency to care about our own selves. We care about our partner, in relation to how they affect us. This takes us away from really caring about out partner.

If we put our very selfish selves in our partner’s shoes, this is what we might see how they perceive things: “You only care about yourself. You care about me, in relation to how I affect you”