Why Have I Forgotten My Lessons

I have not been journaling consistently, eating very well, and taking care of my body in general.

I have been speaking more than I listen, laughing more than I probably should be, and have not been practicing temperance in my day-to-day activities.

I haven’t been in control and what’s worse is that I have this justification that in order for me to socialize I would have to resolve to doing unhealthy things like eating while hanging out, laughing harder than I should be, and talk about people in general. Stoicism taught me to do things which are not these. The opposite should be done in order to practice ‘temperance’. This is because regardless of the situations I’m put into I should have enough self-control to refrain myself from doing things which are not good for me.

Author: radredpanda

Learning about myself, one post at a time.

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