The Ecosystem May Influence The Person, but The Person Does Not Have to Be Influenced

I find myself susceptible to eating food, especially unhealthy ones, when I am surrounded by them. I can blame the environment for making the food available, but the power to change myself does not lye only in creating an ecosystem which promotes change.

True strength comes from not eating unhealthy food even through the presence of it. The abstinence one will allow oneself to have is the true power in overcoming the need to devour unhealthy food.

I may always blame the environment for allowing unhealthy food to conjure up in these spaces. Is it not up to me to resist them then? Have power to resist when the food is present, instead of always trying to change the ecosystem to better suit your needs and abilities. Not sure if it is adaptability, but strength comes from the decision to not eat unhealthy food.

Author: radredpanda

Learning about myself, one post at a time.

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