Further Reminders for Arif

  1. Breathe through your nose more. I should be more mindful of my breathing especially when working out so that I breathe more using my nose instead of my mouth. The intensity of workouts will tempt me to breathe through my mouth as I will feel very fatigue and will need to intake the most oxygen the easiest way I know which is through my mouth, however, I have to control that temptation and breathe through my nose instead.
  2. I may split my workouts to two different sessions daily: one in the morning and the other during the evening. This way I can give my muscle some recovery time and still maintain consistency during that period. Aside from that, the slight-lax way of workout will not demotivate me to workout the next day. Moreover, I will also not feel too worn out from having pushed myself too far in just one session. In the event that I miss the morning session, I can always make up for the lost session but in the evening before I go to bed. However, if the morning session is missed, I need to only do 3 sets instead of making up for the lost time and do 4 sets. Generally, if I am able to maintain the consistency of morning and evening workouts, I should be able to do 4 sets in total: 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. Consistency is key.
  3. In the grand scheme of things, my problems will never really matter. The universe is vast, and when viewed how small I really am compared to the whole cosmos, I will realize that my problems are really minuscule. And when viewing for how long I have been in this universe, my length of existence is infinitesimally short. And then, I will die, and nothing else will matter anymore. Such is life, and with everyone. We live brief lives and then we die. The universe continues without us. Everything else progresses as we become nothing but a thing of the past.
  4. When talking to people, make eye-contact. I should avoid looking at other unnecessary details of their face or even avoid doing eye-contact in general. I should be focused, and transparent, therefore when conversing with people, I need to make eye-contact.
  5. Slow down, and talk less.

Why Have I Forgotten My Lessons

I have not been journaling consistently, eating very well, and taking care of my body in general.

I have been speaking more than I listen, laughing more than I probably should be, and have not been practicing temperance in my day-to-day activities.

I haven’t been in control and what’s worse is that I have this justification that in order for me to socialize I would have to resolve to doing unhealthy things like eating while hanging out, laughing harder than I should be, and talk about people in general. Stoicism taught me to do things which are not these. The opposite should be done in order to practice ‘temperance’. This is because regardless of the situations I’m put into I should have enough self-control to refrain myself from doing things which are not good for me.

The Ecosystem May Influence The Person, but The Person Does Not Have to Be Influenced

I find myself susceptible to eating food, especially unhealthy ones, when I am surrounded by them. I can blame the environment for making the food available, but the power to change myself does not lye only in creating an ecosystem which promotes change.

True strength comes from not eating unhealthy food even through the presence of it. The abstinence one will allow oneself to have is the true power in overcoming the need to devour unhealthy food.

I may always blame the environment for allowing unhealthy food to conjure up in these spaces. Is it not up to me to resist them then? Have power to resist when the food is present, instead of always trying to change the ecosystem to better suit your needs and abilities. Not sure if it is adaptability, but strength comes from the decision to not eat unhealthy food.