I composed this thought when I first watched The Blind Side for the first time, a long long time ago

I watched The Blind Side for the first time today. It’s not bad like people claim it to be. I mean John Lee Handcock could have handled the themes a lot more carefully. It’s like a car crash. You can’t take your eyes off it. But in the end, it all works.

Let’s try this one more time

On a surprisingly significantly different note, thoughts I had about today

We all know that person(s) that would go through great lengths to make us happy and would be happy from making us happy but ask yourself, would you be truly happy knowing that you don’t feel the same way? That you would never feel the same way they do? That’s why making true connection is very hard to pull off. Feigning connection is easy. But actual connection: “soulmates”. It must feel really good to be able to find someone you are so in tuned to.

I’ll try doing this more often.