A Welcome Note

A little introduction.

I woke up today not really expecting I would try and make a new site, or rather registering on a new site, which is not for social networking purposes, of course. I had registered on an existing site; on Tumblr, which I very rarely update consists mostly (even with so little content) of films, film reviews, cat-related post, and my unnecessarily elaborate justification as to why I had set up a Tumblr account in the first place.

Now, I will not delve so deeply into the reason why I made a WordPress account like I did before, but I would like to say that as oppose to the things which I have written in my content-deprived Tumblr account (aptly domain-named causticpandemonium.tumblr.com—which was supposed to be a platform for me to share my thoughts and ideas about film-critiquing and film-making in general) I wish for this WordPress account to be more expansive. Expansive in a way that it covers a wide-range of topics like the arts, literature, film-literature, film-reviews, while also not completely ignoring social and political issues which may or may not be related to films. To affirm, I do not seek for this to be a platform for me to not-only share my thoughts and ideas on how films should be, but also about the occurrences which takes place all around us.

Aside from that, I would also like to note that the reason I had chosen the theme or layout for my WordPress page is so that I can share pictures which I have taken in the past or in present-time. I believe the one-picture quota is more than sufficient to convey whatever aesthetic appease (both very big words for me)

Depicted here, I am chilling.
Depicted here, I am chilling.

I wish to inflict with every post. The selection of the pictures are to be random, and may or may not be, directly or indirectly related to the post.

The frequency will be kept to a minimum of one-post per-day. I wish to inculcate within myself a habit of writing “something”, or really, “anything at all” daily. I wish to hone my writing ability in hopes that one day, I am able to convey ideas and thoughts in an organized, clear, and concise manner: all through writing. My hope is that I am able to reach out to any kind of person out there, that may find my posts to be—at the very least—entertaining, enlightening readers with whatever it is I have written in that day, at the same time supply pictures which I have personally taken and edited of various things and from various places in my home-country, Malaysia, which I wish to showcase to the rest of the world. I welcome anyone to comment or put suggestions on ways to improve anyone of my posts, or to even strike up casual conversations with me. I am also very open and keen to making new friends here on this new place I can safely call home.

Til’ tomorrow… Au revoir